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Cyrus Cassidy #45437

need some advice on arthritis from all you old timers

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Several things:

1) Keep a healthy weight. 
2) Detox and eat an anti-inflammatory diet- basically lay off sugars, caffeine, processed foods, and too many starches/carbs

3) Drink plenty of water: hydrated body, muscles, joints and aids in liver/kidney function

4) Move to a dry climate 

5) Mary Jane’s Medicinal pain relieving salve. They sell it in Colorado... 

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OP, educate yourself fully about replacement surgery.
It is my understanding (knees) they can only be done once, and only last about 15 years.

Pin your doctor down and get an absolutely firm statement about this before going ahead.

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Posted (edited)

I'm no Doc by a million miles, but I defended personal injury cases for decades, became friends with many an orthopedist, and just the passage of time and lots of friends with surgeries....


Of course all surgeries can have complications in individual cases. Hip replacement surgeries have a very high degree of satisfactory outcome. If you need them early in life, there will be more problems as the years go by, no doubt.


Knee replacement surgeries came along more slowly. The hip mechanically is a ball-and-socket. The knee is a far more complicated joint; the surgery more radical. In earlier days of the surgeries, in the 1970s and '80s, things could be tough. In contemporary times, there is now a high rate of success. I know several people whose knee replacement surgeries restored their lives and function.


It's almost a cliche', but as pards have said here: get more than one opinion, choose a conservative and highly-regarded surgeon. Take the time and the outcome is highly likely to be good.

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