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1911 Defender by Springfield

Trigger Mike

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I didn't need one but missed the Springfield mil-spec I owned when I was in the army.  It was my first 1911.  I ordered the Defender from my dealer.  It followed me home.  I jumped in my holster and loaded its magazine. 


Sigh.  I'm in love.  Smooth,  reliable with no hiccups with the factory or a Wilson magazine with 185 grain hollow points.   It is accurate enough to hit the head swinging target on my steel terrorists with a hostage target.  I'm glad it came home.


I like the 3 dot sights.  My eyes can still see them. 


I like it also because it is similar in price to RIA or other cheap brands but has better sights.   

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Had one in my hand today. Still thinking about it.

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