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WWII Museum Closes

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Well, that's a bummer...




No one should enter into a complex, high value transaction without a written contract and a documented understanding of what is going to occur.  Having an admirable purpose does not protect you from deceit, changes of mind, or plain old misunderstandings.  If the seller had a lawyer, something went awry; why would you allow the purchaser to walk away with the valuable part of the deal (the collection) and not be required to perform the other part - moving the Museum.  Something ain't right.  Real shame.


Seems as though something may be missing from the article, or from the owner's version.



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I never knew there was a WW2 museum in Natick. BTW, there is a fantastic museum at Fort Taber in New Bedford, MA.....simply amazing collection of arms from Revolution to Iraq.


one of the best WWII museums is in New Orleans

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Well, sounds to me like the owner of the artifacts did with them as he pleased. It also sounds to me like the prior owners got paid for their merchandise and were playing a little game of deception. 


Too bad everyone else loses out. I feel for the museum staff that found out about this stuff the hard way.


And what’s with people holding on to their titles? I don’t run around asking people to call me by titles I held at former places of employment or my old military rating.

It’s an ego thing that I refuse to participate in. Reminds me of the ***hole that I knew that required people in the little town I lived in to address him as Colonel...and he didn’t make really good chicken. He had an appropriate nickname based on his given name, Richard. I called that. ;)

He didn’t like me. The feeling was mutual.

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