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Are stabbings up?

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Anybody else noticing an apparent uptick in stabbings?


Today's local paper has at least 4 reported.


Perhaps we are beginning to experience the same problem that plagues Britain - limit or ban access to guns, but the violence continues with the next-most effective weapons?


One incident is a head scratcher.  Assailant (from NH) breaks into victim's home last April, armed with knife and stun gun; struggle ends with injuries to both and arrest of assailant.  Assailant, after bailed, runs to Mexico.  Fast forward to July, and assailant (mysteriously back in MA, undetected) attacks victim again, this time with two knives, in a restaurant.  He is successful this time - victim dies.  Overpowered by other patrons, he begs them to kill him.  Craziness.








Chain mail may be back in fashion.



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