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High "Spirit of the Game" at Border Vigilantes

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On my way from Denver up to Cheyenne for the monthly Border Vigilantes match, my car started to steer a bit erratically. Bad tires, rough road surface, poor driver? Nope! I had just crossed into Wyoming and the highway sign read, "Caution +40 MPH Winds!" The night before I had checked the likely temperature (mid-50's) and possibility of rain (<20%). I forgot to check the wind speed - not a smart thing when headed into Wyoming. Nonetheless, 20 brave souls turned out for the Match and it was fun for all of us. For the first few Stages, fingers were cold and hats flew, but it settled down and the final three Stages erased the earlier challenges.


I mention the "Spirit of the Game" because everyone helped compensate for the high winds and cold chills. In the end, Shooters lent equipment to others, and willingly managed two or even three tasks at once. I had significant trouble with stove piping and two of the Posse shooters helped me better understand the problem and guided me with some corrective actions. Thank you all for a great time and I'll see you at Briggsdale this coming Saturday and Sunday. Assassin, I will bring along the gloves you loaned to me.

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For every one pain in the rear shooter in our sport there are five good ones who make up for it! 

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Spirit of the Game or as I like to refer to it: The Cowboy Way.

No one should be surprised at the helpful kindness experienced with those in CAS.

They tend to gravitate here.

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