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  1. Are you sure it's a nice place if it has a mother-in-law house on the premises???
  2. From my experience and depending on which label, Booker's is dang near miss a car payment price tag!
  3. After reading through this thread two things come to mind. 1) The hate and discord that we see in our society today has only been compounded by the tool which we are all communicating through, the internet. It has become to easy for anyone to spout hate from their minds via a keyboard onto a social media platform, a news site comment board or even a forum. Prior to the internet taking over our lives, if you were an ass to someone, there was a good chance you'd get a good pop in the mouth. That alone kept people's tongues in check, now you can set behind a monitor of phone screen an
  4. Which leads to the question of: "How fast does a P-47 puke out 36 yards of .50s?"
  5. I believe Remington used a letter code to designate the year of manufacture. Is there a letter on that serial number or close to it?
  6. Here is Lily Belle. In her two favorite spots. Nothing like a 70 pound lap dog.
  7. Have to say tell you that I love watching your videos. My boys and I always get a chuckle out of them.
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