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Mustang Gregg

Firearms transfers into CA (a bit OT)?

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Here in CA, you cannot buy any ammo as a direct shipment to you.
All ammo must go through an FFL.
Starting July 1, all ammo sales require a background check license ($25) and a valid Firearm Safety Course ($25).

If you bring in ammo (hunting trip?) you are a felon.

CA has a very long list of whitelisted guns.
Single action revolvers appear to be entirely white listed.
You will have to verify with your specific model.

FFL fees in CA range from $35 (local neighborhood FFL) to $50 typical, and higher for the gougers.

As of this writing, CA is entirely clueless about how it will work this coming July.
I am stocked up on ammo.

So far, reloading supplies are not at all affected.

There is an unsubstantiated rumor, that we will not be allowed to purchase ammo for any weapon caliber that is not on file as registered to us.

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Rifle = Firearm = Gun = Tool;)  A baseball bat is another tool, it don't become a weapon till used on yer skull:wacko::ph34r:


Good Luck:)

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There is a Mossberg 500, Taurus, PT99, Browning BBR, and a busted Crossman air rifle.

I think they only care about the Browning.

But no decision has been made yet.

So we are in the hold pattern.

Pards, much obliged for the assistance.

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