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SOLD WTS Stoeger 12ga coach gun

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6 hours ago, guykickinit said:

Just getting into CAS.  How does it kick being that short?

Definitely interested

  It depends on how you're built.  If a regular, unmodified gun seems too long, this would fit ya, if you are over 6' with regular length arms for a person that size, it'll seem to short.  I'm 6' even and it works fine for me, but I do feel the difference.  Measure the distance from the inside of your elbow to about 1/2 way up your trigger finger, that'll give you your approximate LOP  (Length of Pull). 

Or come on up to Smokey Point this Sun and I'll let ya use it in our match:)  You can bring PaleWolff with ya and stay at my place.

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I'll say Mike is a great guy to deal with and this is a good price on a starter shotgun. If it's too short would be pretty easy to remedy with a leather butt cover and and a piece of wood or rubber.

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