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  1. Thanks all. LCRNFP= Lead cast round nose flat point. Thanks Driftwood, very useful, and I will try that cylinder method. I will contact Henry to see what they think. 2 thou should run down the barrel, but I will ask them first. I also have an 1873 rifle in 45 Colt so I guess the same applies to that as the Henry. I will make a couple dummies and see if they chamber. I may make one over oal to see what it hits in the chamber. My Lyman 50th only states one load for the .454 in the 45 Colt and it is specific for the older revolvers. all other loads are specificly .452. Lyman has no rifle data for the .454 in 45 Colt. Doesn't even mention in passing in the text. Only .452 for cast. So, I am thinking that the idea from my brother's sniper friend from the army of making a dummy round longer than oal to see if it marks the bullet may be something.
  2. I picked up a batch of LCRN 250 grain and I want to load for an Uberti 1873 Cattleman and a Henry BB, Both 45 Colt. The bullets measure .454. optimally they should be .452, correct? how much difference will the extra 2 thousandths make?
  3. So, we went with 2 Cimarron Pistoleros in 357, one Nickle and one Color case hardened. I run 38s there. 399 for one and the nickle was 459, we found a pre safety Rossi 92 in 357 (paid 450at a gun show) which I did the slick work on and it operates with one finger, but only likes the 357 cases for feeding. We got a Stoeger coach in 12ga on the SASSnet classifieds, and recently got another Stoeger coach in 20ga from Johnny Meadows here on SASS. We run Win AA low recoil in both coach guns and they run like a dream. Save your Hulls for reloading. I would suggest getting in touch Johhny Meadows for your shotgun, as he does great work. AND at a good price. I added leathers from Wylie Leather. The deals are out there. I just scored 2 Uberti Stoeger clones, an 1873 rifle, Octagon bbl, in 45 Colt, and it's companion 1873 Cattelmen in 45 Colt. Both for $500. Both boy's should be able to operate all of the above.
  4. Dont know what's up with PP but it says your email is not a valid email address. I'l try a different browser.
  5. OK I dont exactly know what all is there without touching it, so I'll take them. Pay pal F&F? PM Sent
  6. Western billet wheels are hard to find. Hope it has a spare one.
  7. Beautiful rifle! My advice is keep it and get another. Fact is you'll shoot it. Not once but several times. I have only sold one gun and have only traded one gun. I kept the rest.
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