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SOLD: Pietta "1858" Frame and Parts


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SOLD:  The frame and barrel with Cylinder and Cylinder Pin is a 5-1/2" .44 Pietta

Must be fairly new, date code is CL

Bore is excellent.  Looks like it now has an 11* forcing cone.  Rear sight notch has been widened

and the rear of the front sight has been serrated.  Everything looks good on it except the trigger guard screw hole.

To me it looks over-large.  But, I don't have any screws to try on it.  

Brand new Nipples included with the cylinder. 

1a.JPG.d48b1b2c3f265312c1ffe97defa25613.JPG  2b.JPG.a7b8196c42c54396218adad65513a42d.JPG


  DSCF7470.JPG.0d054e7cc24510729bd5bcf95d691110.JPG  4a.JPG.fc35cf358a4a2ad6ecf9a6a7803b538d.JPG




SOLD for everything, includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping and Insurance




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Found some brand new nipples and I put them on the cylinder

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23 hours ago, SGT. QUINCANNON, SASS #32999 said:

Wanna sell the grips separate?

Howdy Sgt.

I'd prefer to sell this all together.  If it doesn't sell I'm just going to round up the parts I need and shoot it.



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