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Alert: ACLU Supports NRA in Lawsuit Against NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Charlie T Waite

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When an organization that is normally on the opposite side from you, joins you in a huge fight against a devout enemy, you know the gun-hating, gun-banning, bullying, anti-Second Amendment, enemies of Freedom are way out of control.  The American Civil Liberties Union moved to file a brief on Friday opposing the state’s motion to dismiss the National Rifle Association’s lawsuit against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state’s top financial regulator.


New York State Can’t Be Allowed to Stifle the NRA’s Political Speech


ACLU Supports NRA's Free-Speech Argument in Suit Against Cuomo Administration

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It’s in their best interest!!


I government officials can do this to the NRA, they could certainly do it to the ACLU!!!


Simple logic sometimes gets through to even the most liberal players!!

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It ain't quite a first of this nature...


The ACLU sided in a legal matter with Rush Limbaugh several years ago. Blew my mind! 

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They almost HAD TO support Rush at that time.  The situation was so egregious that they would have lost any semblance of legitimacy had they not supported him!!


Appearancewise, the ACLU was pretty much backed into a corner on that one!!


In this instance, Cuomo has found the proper amount of rope to hang himself.  Hopefully, the ACLU will tie the knot and throw the trap door!!!

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