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Is powder like primers: water

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Got to thinking:


I know once primers dry out they usually go 'bang'


what about powder?  If you have powder that gets wet and allow it to dry will it still work?


just wondering as it's already been a long hot summer



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I can't give you a definitive answer, having never tried to dry out wet smokeless (I presume you are referring to smokeless and not BP), but I would be VERY LEARY OF USING ANY POWDER SUBJECTED TO SIGNIFICANT MOISTURE!  Without comparing the dried-out powder to similar powder that hasn't been soaked in water, using pressure-time instrumentation, there could be significant differences.  You might want to contact the manufacturer or distributor, such as Hodgdon's, but I'd bet the answer would be to dispose of the stuff!  (Pour it into your garden/flower beds.  The nitrogen would be good food for the plants.)

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