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Democrat Eric Swalwell Wants to "Buy Back" (aka Take) Your Guns

Charlie T Waite

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"The Democrats hide their gun confiscation dreams from all of us in flowery talk and all kinds of nonsensical language that's focus group tested to not tell you the truth. Swalwell, I applaud him for his honesty, because now we know—this is what they want." —Dan Bongino 

At Least They're Being Honest



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I've heard about this and pondered it. Here are my thoughts.

First, we know that such a program would make criminals of many, including doctors, lawyers, law enforcement and current military and veterans.

Second, we know that the... honorable gentleman... from California doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to be the first person through the door into the fatal funnel in order to confiscate those guns. He would leave that task to others far braver than he.

Those who confiscate the firearms would be using, in large part, firearms either like those being confiscated, or of a type already illegal to the average citizen.

The above should lead to an understanding by anyone willing to understand why we have a Second Amendment.

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I might have an AR-15 that I would let them buy back for about $15,000.



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1 hour ago, Dantankerous said:

I might have an AR-15 that I would let them buy back for about $15,000.




Ya know, now that you mention it...

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8 hours ago, John Boy said:

Why is it the liberal Democrats believe that the US Bill of Rights doesn't include a  Second Amendment?



Because a well armed populous cannot easily be taken over by their ideas and goals of removing our freedom for their socialism.

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