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Wild West: Revenge


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Hosted and narrated by the late SASS-member David Carradine.  




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So much of that was just - Huh?


Whoever wrote Carradine's dialogue needs to find another job. 


Johnson is being held prisoner by two Crows. He manages to kill one with an axe, and then chop off the dead guy's leg. When the second one comes back, he beats him to death with the leg?


Because a bloody leg is such a more dangerous weapon than an axe. :wacko:


The last one. Mountain Charlie. Says she dressed in mens clothes and got herself a sixgun. Then when she finds him she's shown shooting him with a single shot. Don't the people filming read the script? :huh:


The one about the lunger was nice. I kept waiting for him to say, "He was my friend", before opening fire. L'Amour's Flint. That was The Kid At The Crossings. :P

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Cole Younger, the character he played in The Long Riders.


Right? Or was I smoking too mucha that wacky terbaccy?

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