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Garand shooting technique?

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Was watching the Garand Collectors Assn. documentary today and saw a short clip of training. Note how the shooter is holding the rifle with his weak hand. He was also making tiny hops pivoting left to right, but they're barely perceptible. I'm guessing that made his field of fire maybe 10 degrees.


What was the point of this technique as opposed to shoulder firing? Seems more appropriate for a BAR than an 8-round M1. 




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Try it for yourself.

Ive done something similar and its more accurate

than it looks like.

Probably real good at typical SASS distances.




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My Pa showed me how to just drop the muzzle and fire. Said he learned it in the Army with a Garand. Watched him pop a target at 100 yards about a quarter inch off center doing it with his muzzleloader. I still have the target. 

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