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Go Outside and Pick your nose!

Trigger Mike

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It is a sunny 80 degree day here in south Georgia today and my wife and I both have strep throat according to the doctor.  The 3 oldest children are on computers or TV and my 6 year old wants someone outside with her.  My wife told the others to go outside.  My 8 year old wined there was nothing to do out side so my wife yelled, "Go Outside and Pick Your Nose!"  it just sounded funny to me.

upon hearing that my 12 year old went fishing.

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2 hours ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

George Carlin said, "You can pick your  friends, and you can pick your nose , but don't pick your friend's nose."


actually you can do that but usually only once

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