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WTC Shooting Through Store Fronts

irish ike, SASS #43615

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"Must go down" is like "hit stop plate with pistol"... (short story), while shooting a match as a Frontiersman... I had six shots to hit a stop plate, no joy, all six shots were wide, over or under of the 10" plate.   So, I did what anyone with a modicum of competitive spirit did, I ran up to the plate, whacked it with my pistol butt."   (Yes, downrange movement was safe).   And proceeded to protest that the ENTIRE rest of the match attendees did NOT comply with the stage instructions.


Yes, I understood the spirit of the stage instructions, but those were NOT what was written.  

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Our spotters, TO/RO and posse marshals for The Ottawa Valley Marauders, The Wild Turkey Posse, Ruff's Regulators and the Kingston Gang all seem to be on the same page when if comes to light hits etc. and will call "AGAIN! on what we deem is a light hit. As I mentioned, that is usually obvious by the main shot column hitting the berm behind the target.

Since we are doing this for fun, there is no prize money, ribbons or buckles at stake, and are all friends, we don't seem to have any issues on the matter.

Works for us. Your mileage may differ.:D


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