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Just a thought about the wire ........

Yusta B.

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Yes, we sometimes get into interesting or frustrating discussions - BUT - I have learned SO much from those willing to share information and contribute to fellow shooters, I can't imagine a better source of information about the sport/game we all love. Thanks to all who selflessly contribute !!

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I think the wire helps us develop a feeling of community or maybe family.  It let's us share our passion with others of a like mind. It is sort of a campfire where we can swap solid information and tall tales.

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Yusta, ya gotta it right.


I use to visit the Marlin owners wire.  There was a lot of good info shared, both in gunsmith stuff and historical info.


Often, a lot of the topics were created due to problems of the Marlin or questions on how to improve the Marlin.


Knowledgeable folks would post good answers and solutions to the person making the inquiry BUT the Inquirer never seem to post any more comments on whether his Marlin was improved, etc.....

This annoyed me.   Sometimes, not even a 'thanks' for all the info that was given.


One good thing about the SASS Wire is all the feedback given.   This helps all of us to know and understand what might work and what might not work, based on the initial problem(s).


I will also add my 'THANK YOU' to everyone for their input,  from everything in gunsmithing, shooting tips, and some great historical info.

And one of the great things is that we often travel to matches and get to meet some of the Wire pards.   Thats just icing on the cake for me.




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The Wire is a great source of helpful information. Never saw a question that could not be answered concerning hardware. Now romance...

that is a different question...LOL..


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From a newer shooter's perspective, I have developed a fond relationship with the WIRE. :wub:

There are topics about gunsmithing, reloading, and firearms that will be a long time coming for me to get involved with; however, I read them all.

Not sure if any of it will stick, :blink: but, I do know when the time comes, the WIRE will be my first go to source to get the answers I seek.

Granted, every now and then, threads get messy.....


.... but we all know that no harm is ever meant.

Let's keep up the good work, and be sure to share all of your experiences (Good :D, or Bad :ph34r:) with us so we can continue to learn ourselves.

Guests and new Shooters who are reading the WIRE should be encouraged to reach out to get their questions answered, as there are no bad questions.

For me, I would like to especially thank those that have helped me in my progress as a Cowboy Action Shooter.

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