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WEb Site Take-Over

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We have been using GoDaddy for web hosting for many years.


I write custom code for the site and it is easy for me to update AND have a unique look.

Here is one of my club pages:



GoDaddy just contacted me and said that they had flagged some mal-ware on the site.

Now they want me to use only their editor for "security purposes" and to help get better exposure.


The problem is that I am left with only very generic design capability with limited flexibility.  Plus I will have to rebuild many pages and upload all old photo's etc.  Of course, I will probably leave out a lot of the older, historic stuff.


Is this just GoDaddy or has Google begun taking over your web sites?


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I’m not sure what the connection is between Google and GoDaddy here. Most web hosts offer tools to allow you to create pages easier, but don’t require you to use them. If you’re unhappy with GoDaddy I’d suggest switching to A Small Orange. They’re based out of Georgia and I’ve always had good support from them. GoDaddy not so much. 


I will note that if you’re using WordPress to build your site it is critical that you keep it updated, including any plug-ins you use, or you’re likely to get hacked like this. 

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I use any text editor as I build the website in html from scratch.  That way I am in control and the fines are MUCH smaller and more efficient.


Most html editors act like they were made by Microsoft and end up adding libraries with huge amounts of trash that is not really needed.

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Make sure the notice actually came from GoDaddy.

There area lot of scams where you get e-mail saying it is from GoDaddy and it is not.


I get something saying that GoDaddy web site is in danger about every 3 weeks.

I delete the messages as junk.


I deal with Go Daddy by phone and they have never said they sent anything like I read to them.




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It appeared to be GoDaddy.  Had their email address, etc.

The bill said GoDaddy as well, but I got that refunded.


But they were pushing a service I didn't really want.  

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