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Rooster Ron Wayne

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What is the problem ?

Why dont people get it ?


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Rooster,  Below is a re-print of an article I wrote for the Cowboy Chronicle back in September of 2013.  A short time after it was published, I got a phone call from Dick Heller...of the Supreme Court Heller decision fame.  He told me that this article opened his eyes as to why gun controllers act the way they do and from now on he was going to change the speech he gives to reflect this view.


I stand by my position:  They do get it...they just can't and won't acknowledge the truth as it wouldn't fit their despicable agenda.






They just don’t get it?!”

Colonel Dan, SASS# 24025, Life/Regulator


How many times have we heard this phrase in describing the anti-gun and anti-constitutional element? I’ve always wondered what it is those making such a statement think the anti-gun crowd just doesn’t get.


Is it they don’t get the fact that guns are just an inanimate tool and it’s the human trigger puller that’s really responsible? Is it the logic of our pro gun side that says when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns and that thugs zero in on gun free zones? Is it the truth about how many lives are saved each year using guns for self-defense? Is it that the areas with the most gun friendly laws are the ones with the least gun crime while those with draconian laws top the charts where gun crime is concerned e.g. Chicago and Washington DC? Or is it they just don’t get or understand the true meaning of the Second Amendment and what our Founding Fathers meant by it? Do they not understand how very seriously the Founders felt about the importance of a free society remaining an armed society if it is in fact to remain free? As I view the battlefield, I don’t think it’s any of the above. In fact, the evidence I’ve seen has decidedly convinced me that they do “get it” at least those schemers who can infringe on our right to keep and bear arms get it…i.e. Congress, state and local government.


Shocked that I’m convinced they do get it? Well, hear me out.


We know the facts, the logic, the truth and the meaning of the Second Amendment as well as the intent of our Founders. Generally speaking, we’re no more insightful than anyone else in this country so they know it too…they just ignore it—in fact; ignoring it is a fundamental requirement for them. Why? They have an entirely separate agenda that’s not founded on fact, logic, truth or the Constitution. Were they to acknowledge truth, they couldn’t push an agenda which runs totally counter to the truth.


Their agenda is necessarily based on deceit, driven by the insatiable desire to control and rule over “We the People.” If “We the People”, keep and bear arms, their objective of uncontested control is much more difficult to achieve. History has shown that the only way to rule with virtual impunity is to first disarm the people. We know it and so do they.


As we’ve seen over many decades, the anti-constitution crowd always exploits evil, accidents or random but repeatable acts of violence in order to further their ultimate goal of ultimate control—a goal they can’t truthfully reveal else their foundation of lies would quickly crumble.


In my view, what they really don’t get is the eventual and inevitable outcome of an insatiable desire to rule over the citizenry and the historically documented results of draconian measures taken by past tyrants to achieve their goal. While they know enough history to realize an unarmed society is required for totalitarianism, what they repeatedly refuse to accept is that all such rulers inevitably go too far and the people eventually take corrective measures into their own hands. Jefferson and Franklin justified such corrective measures as, “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God." The eventual rebellion against unjust authority has been a repeatable historical event since Adam was governor of Eden.


I feel the more appropriate statement might be, “We just don’t get it” “we” being many, not all, but many on the pro-gun; pro-constitution side. If “our side” continues to delude ourselves by thinking the other side just doesn’t understand our founding principles, we’ll lose this struggle going away. Why? We’re focused on the wrong target! While we keep complaining that they just don’t get it, they keep advancing!


When I hear Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and other conservative pundits, including many of the establishment GOP leaders complain about the unconstitutional, unjust, unfair, unfounded, un-American left I say to myself, “Yes, a thousand times YES and we all know that description to be true…as does the left. So when are we going to stop this unproductive complaining about the entirely obvious, which the left completely ignores, and actually take effective action to STOP them?” We on the pro-constitution side are already fully aware that what the left has done over the years and continues doing is everything we know it to be but they keep making progress in “fundamentally transforming” America. What’s that tell me? Where the establishment GOP leadership is concerned, it tells me only one of two possible explanations rings steel. First, they’re totally inept and stopping the left is far beyond them or second, they actually want the same powerful, centralized government as the left but just don’t have the guts to openly admit it. Whichever explanation it is, and I believe it to be the latter, they don’t deserve their elected positions nor our trust, support and confidence.


OK Colonel, what’s the answer? Action! We must send true constitutional conservatives to office that resolutely, emphatically and consistently take a unified stand in saying NO. History is very clear. The advance of tyranny will never stop until it is vigorously stopped by “We the People.” As was Jefferson’s position, laws that are not in accord with the Constitution are null and void. We should use that same approach at the state level and nullify these infringements we know to be destructive and outside constitutional bounds. That means we educate ourselves on Article 1 Section 8, (the enumeration clause) so we understand exactly what the proper role of the federal government is and should be. We must also develop the fortitude and demonstrate the necessary resolve in pressuring our respective states to legislatively nullify these transformative dictates. We know well where their path leads and if we’re so sheepish as to follow, then we deserve to be led into their hell hole.


Such a stand requires resolve, dedication and courage but it can’t be accomplished solely on the individual level. An individual standing in the road yelling NO will only end up as road kill and accomplish nothing. We cannot continue to send these “phony conservatives” to congress, term after term and expect different results. The good thing is we don’t have to go it alone. There are many pro-constitution organizations that can provide the leadership we need to make that happen—we’ve seen it demonstrated in these past few elections by the Tea Party movement but we need much more. A tsunami of constitutional fever must spread throughout the country applying patriotic heat at every level of government. How? The left themselves will ultimately help bring it about by over-reaching thus pushing constitutionalists by the tens of millions far enough that we will refuse to submit to the “professional ruling class.” In summary, if there’s anything the left doesn’t get it’s this inescapable inevitable fact of history—tyrants can rule only as long as the people allow.


Contact Colonel Dan: coloneldan@bellsouth.net


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Great Job Colonel Dan !

Rooster .

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A very good explanation that I read regarding "gun control advocates" and basically anyone wanting to control us is that, per Freudian theories, people want to control others to ensure that others do not act as they may wish to but have repressed desires and tendencies. In other words; someone that doesn't want you to have a gun is probably the type of person that if they had a gun they would use it against others.

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