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11 hours ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:


No...you didn't.

I should have just "quoted" your answer with 



below it (I'm blocked from "liking" posts on this forum.)



I think I fixed that just now. Let me know if you can like now.

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21 hours ago, Happy Jack, SASS #20451 said:

All sorts of problems occur when a stage has a "bonus" target.  If any shooter hits it is is no longer a bonus but a must hit for everyone to be on a level field. I QUIT writing bonus targets in stages at least 6 years ago.

When I include a bonus, it's always optional - risk/reward. A clay bird in a holder at 30 yd might get you 10 seconds at a monthly. For larger matches, almost never. I agree that an mandatory "Bonus" is only a no call miss that counts against those who do not hit it.



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