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Anyone familiar with LS tractors?

Chief Rick

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Title says it - good or bad?


It was recommended that I look at the LS XR4046.  Can't find much first hand experience.


I will need to bush hog about 4 acres of cleared land (no stumps and a few trees), maintain a 1200 ft driveway (currently dirt) and eventually maintain another 6 acres of currently overgrown paper company pine forest.


46HP may be excessive but I don't want to go below ~30 PTO HP - the cleared land is a mix of Bermuda and Bahai with Jap grass trying to take over.

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22 minutes ago, Okiepan said:


wish I could help ya but I got  a Deere

Appreciate it.


Tried to go look at a Massey Ferguson today - too bad they don't have any tractors at this location...


Have looked at Mahindra - not bad.


Will be going to look at Deere and Kubota in the next week.


Won't be buying anything for about a month.  Just trying to do my homework.

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Know someone with  cabbed 50 HP. He was very happy with his purchase last I heard. LS was building the New Holland compact and utility tractors a while back. now sure if they still are.

But being Kubota parts are largely outta Georgia, that is personally what I'd buy if new, but I run a 4000 Ford with a FEL. 

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1 hour ago, Okiepan said:

Check out the 3032E or the 3038E 

quite great package deals

The JD 3038E and Kubota L3901 are my two current front-runners.

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