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Boon Doggle

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Just received the following. So I guess I'll spend the day shopping for new toys.



Attention Beneficiary $5.5Million Usd
This is to notify all of you about the latest development concerning
all the payment that are left in our custody, which yours are
inclusive besides, where you are given a bill of Sum in order to
receive your payment which we didn’t hear from you for sometime now.
Hence, our UBA BANK WESTERN UNION is now offering a Special BONUS For
the New Year to help all our customers that are having their payment
in our custody due to of high prices. In other words we are now
requesting that those involved should pay only the sum of $78. to
receive all their payment abandoned in our custody.
Besides, my dear, this is the opportunity for you to comply and your
funds shall be transfer to your designated address. But remember that
after (2 DAYS) you did not make the payment then we will divert your
funds to Government Account, So to avoid problems, you have to send
the fee before 2days so that you can get your funds Released without
Again after (TWO DAYS) we will enter a new project for the Month and
that is the reason why we decided to help all our customers before we
enter into the new project.
So be advise to send the $78immediately so that we will register your
payment and start receiving $10,000.00 as from Today. Be advise that
there is no time again for us to call any person on phone unless you
will call Us After the payment of $78 you will start receiving your
money every day $10,000.00 through UBA BANK Western Union and Money
Gram until the full payment of $5.5M is completed. So what you will be
receiving per day is $$10,000.00.
Therefore you are requested to send the fee via Western Union or Money
Gram money transfer with below information;
Receivers Name: LUIS OKEY
Country:Cotonou: Benin Republic
Text Question: Yes
Answer: Yes
Amount required: $78
Sender's Name:
Sender’s address:
The moment I receive the payment of $78i will release the first
payment information’s of $10,000.00 to you and you will pick up the
money and i will send you another payment for pick up UNTIL YOUR TOTAL
FUND OS $5.5Million is been transferred to you.
Mrs. Jean .K. Paul


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It'll take you 550 days to collect all that money..... :ph34r:


You'll be checking your bank account everyday with anxiety..... :o


It won't be worth the wait..... ;)


Send me $78 and I'll tell you a dirty joke.


Atleast you'll have a dirty joke to share with friends for the next 550 days..... :lol::lol::lol:




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Boon Doggle....If I had known you were rich I would have been nice to you sooner...lol...see you Saturday at the Cabs new range...first shoot..I know you will beat me like an ole mule....Jim

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We laugh at this but I just heard about a co-worker who's grandparents fell for a phone scam this past weekend.


They received a call from a person alleging to be a bail bondsman telling them their grandson was in jail and needed to be bailed out. Send $4K to the Western Union office at the local Walmart where the bondsman would retrieve the money and get the young man out of jail. After the grandparents complied, they received another call saying the amount was wrong and they needed to send another $4K to the Walmart for the bail bondsman. They complied. When the caller attempted this a third time, the grandparents grew suspicious and called the parents of the grandson to find out what was going on. That's when they determined it was a hoax. These simple farm folks are now out $8K with no recourse. They are looking at surveillance video from the store to determine who picked up the money but it doesn't look good.


Be aware, they're out there...

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Not only are the scammers out there, but there are many folks who seem to just sit around, waiting to be scammed.


People are so gullible. I won't even answer a 'survey' question on the phone about what radio station I listen too.


I normally reply with: "hey, I don't call you at your home asking STUPID questions so don't call me. Get a real job".


Then I hang up.




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