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Winter Range - Be an "insider" no talent required

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Winter Range side matches require about 100 volunteers to run. They need so many because they don't over-work anyone. You only work a 2 hour shift and usually have some say in what side match you work. It is just running the timer or keeping score or one of the other things you do at your local matches. :)


Winter Range is the Largest Cowboy Action Shooting match in the world and the greatest because of the volunteers. Volunteers put on the entire match! :) Including the side matches. :)


Contact Turquoise Bill to be one of the volunteers :) I guarantee you will be glad you did :D These guys are all friendly and you don't need to be shy ;)

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Not sure if we will get in on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

If we get in on Tuesday can I stop by the office and volunteer some time then if you still need folks?






Gateway Kid

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The registration booth closes at 3:00 pm on Tuesday. Drop Turquoise Bill a note (the sidematch coordinator) and you can exchange contact information.



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Hey guys, thanks for the plug, I have been shooting in our wonderful game since 2001 and I always felt I need to "give back" to the game for all of the enjoyment I've gotten out of it.


Winter Range is put on by all volunteers! Wednesday our side match day is the busiest day of the event. We always could use more volunteers to work about a 2-1/2 hour shift to help us cover the various side matches going on. Soooo, if you coming to Winter Range add to your experience and come out and help with the side matches on Wednesday.


My electronic communication is always on, just shoot me an email and we will get you scheduled in.




Turquoise Bill

Winter Range Wednesday Volunteer Coordinator

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