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The 1911

Subdeacon Joe

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Lots of sweeping going on!


Enjoyed it.


You noticed that too, eh? Different times, different standards, I guess.



I found this one to be more interesting.





I would say equally as interesting but in a different way. Great video, thanks.

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The only time in the military that I fired a M1911A1 was in AFROTC summer camp. They took us down to the range...right after having my eyes dilated to check my vision for pilot qualification! Couldn't see the danged target! :wacko: Next time was after I went on active duty the AF had switched to the .38 Special revolvers. Went to qualify and the Navy-reject .38 was shaving jacket material so bad I was afraid I was going to kill somebody on either side of me! Cleared the weapon, and asked the range NCO if I could use my own piece. He said yes as long as I used the FMJ .38 Special ammo. Went downtown and bought a Smith M19. Qualified Expert two years in a row. Would have preferred using a .45!

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