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any experience with the Beretta M9 in 22?

Trigger Mike

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since my kids shoot a beretta M9 pellet pistol thought it'd be neat to get the 22 version. Are they reliable and accurate?


I've not had the opportunity to actually shoot one. They pretty much look, feel and function like an M9/92FS. If I had more money and fewer firearms on my wish list, I would pick one up pretty quickly.

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A good .22 pistol are the Browning Buckmarks, Ruger MKIV and Ruger SR22 series and the 'kinda' new... GSG .22 which is called the 'FIREFLY'.


The Firefly is the GSG equivalent to the previous manufactured SIG Mesquito. These are great .22 pistols.


On the high end of todays .22 semi auto pistols are the Browning 1911-22 that is about 80% scale of the 1911 size pistol.


The Buckmark, Ruger MK-IV and Browning 1911-22 are single action designed.


The Ruger SR22 and the GSG Firefly have DA/SA capabilities.


One really neat thing about the Beretta M9-22 is that it is a 15 shooters. The other pistols mentioned above are 10 rounders.


They all have good reputations, atleast from those who own or have fired them.


EDIT: forgive me for adding info you didn't ask. My fingers starting typing and couldn't stop... ;)




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