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Could have been a great movie. Terrific camera work, wonderful scenery, a classic story and a psychological thriller. Shows that the younger Eastwood is learning his craft and has got some acting chops. He needs a good script and good director to bring it all together. I expect some great things from him in the future. Walton Goggins as usual is great.

Set in 1872, all the firearms are post-1873... (Merwin-Hulberts, (including a beautifully engraved one), Schofields, Winchester 1873's, Colts)... not a single Buscadero holster to be seen (yay!)...


I'm not telling you the ending, 'cept it ruined the movie for me. For some folks, they thought the ending was just right. Y'all watch it and decide.


Glad to see so many westerns coming out!


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Has the makings but falls short


There is only one PTSD movie, Rambo First Blood.


If I had a hundred thousand bucks every time I or anyone else killed someone during a PTSD episode, I'd be a poor man!



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