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Steampunk Revolver... before steampunk was cool.


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Talk about weird guns... I have a "movie prop gun" LeMat. It is apparently made of pot metal, and the cylinder revolves when you cock the hammer! The chambers are only .340" in diameter, and while there are ersatz nipples, and they appear to have flash holes, they are blind, and there is no communication between them and the chambers! The chambers themselves are blind beyond the rear end. (Depth is 1.070" deep!) If they used blanks, I can't see how they would have been fired! Otherwise, the "gun" is quite heavy, about 54 oz. by actual weight! The trigger works, releasing the hammer, and the rammer works just like a real one would, except the end of the rammer is correct for the chamber mouths! While I don't have a real/replica LeMat to compare it with, I would guess it is pretty close in size; enough so I could probably make a holster for it using this one as a pattern. (NO guarantees, however.) Definitely a curiosity. :blink:

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