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Jim No Horse

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When I started CAS, I was working at Hanna Barbera Cartoons studios in Hollywood which was owned by Turner Broadcasting. Then later Time-Warner bought Turner and I became a Warner Bros. Animation employee. So when I went to join and found out about picking an alias, I thought selecting one of the characters would be fun.


Quick Draw McGraw was my first choice... Nope, taken back in the 70s. OK, so how about Yosemite Sam? Nope, taken in 80s by a guy in Australia. (I met him at EOT once. Nice guy with cool tattoos and a top hat...)


So while on the phone with the SASS office, I asked if Magilla Gorilla or the Tazmanian Devil were available, which they were. I figured that I'd rather be called "Taz" or "Hey Devil" at matches and the rest is SASS History...

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I was born, raised and currently live in Fort Worth Texas which is known as Cowtown, were the West begins. I've been registered with the Boy Scouts since 8 years old and am now in my 53rd year of continuous registration. Thus Cowtown Scout, however I go by Scout as Cowtown was a local shooter who usually won a lot of the matches. One year when Cowtown won the Southwest Regional match SASS mistakenly sent me a certificate for free entry to the Nationals due to the Regional Win. We both had a good laugh about that. Now there are many different local alias that start with Cowtown. Of course I will answer to Cowtown which is what most people who don't know me will shorten my alias to. Heck Cowtown has even called me Cowtown. ;-)

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