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Looking for new wood for a '73 Carbine


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I've got a Uberti '73 Carbine (38-.357) that's about 10 years old and the wood is fairly dinged up. I'd like to replace the Butt Stock and Forend. Several sites I visited said their wood had to have final fitting done on the cutouts. Does anyone make an aftermarket product that is "Plug and Play"... meaning it would be a drop-in ready fit?




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You ever thought about trying to restore your existing wood? If they are just dents and dings, no wood missing, these can usually be fixed to new. Strip off the plastic "varnish". Then use Mama's steam iron, or better yet a Covering iron for model airplanes along with a moist towel or rag. Lay the towel over the dent and use the iron to heat up to the point of steaming. This will most times raise the wood fibers, filling the void. It will also raise the fibers arounf the area, so you will have to do a light finish sand before resealing the wood with lindseed oil or a true varnish job. Some prefer an oil coat only.





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