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who's on First?-see near end of page 2

Chili Ron

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Hmmm... I've only seen financial reports of two clubs. There was no fee paid to SASS listed. The only thing I know of is the recent $5 per shooter fee for, I think, State and above matches paid to SASS.


Has anyone else heard of clubs paying a fee to SASS to be considered affiliated?

I was treasurer of a local club for almost four years. I never wrote a check to SASS for anything like that. There is a fee now for state and above matches, as you mentioned, but AFAIK, that's it.



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He won't be able to...SASS got rid of the affiliation fee some lonnng time ago.

Thank you for settling that Palewolf. I haven't been involved at the financial level for a long time and this occurred about 13 years ago but it did occur. So since SASS no longer charges an affiliation fee that can not be used to upgrade the soft ware , the original subject of the post. Point taken.

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