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WTB: Conversion Cylinders for Colt-type BP Revolvers...


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I got a fair collection of 51's, 60's, 61's, and '62's... and I'm looking for some used Conversion Cylinders for aforesaid pistols. Both Uberti and Pietta, .36's and .44's... Kirst or Howell, R&D. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it, including shipping.


Don't need 'em for the Dragoons... probably gonna let them go. Just too danged heavy for my del-e-kit frame. :lol:

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Recently I was looking for used conversion cylinders and ended up buying new. Taylors & Co.,Inc. had the best prices for the Howell cylinders just to let you know.

I wish you well with your search.



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