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Does anyone remember the Christmas Eve air defense alerts on Okinawa (and possibly other places, too) where the USAF would scramble interceptors, Army AD artillery missile units would go on full alert, Navy and Marines would be on alert to deploy because of the unidentified "missile" coming toward the island on a trajectory over The North Pole?


It was suspected of having multiple warheads because the radar showed a main booster and nine stages in front, one with a ominous red light. No one admitted owning the missile. The UN had been contacted. Japanese Home Defense Forces had be notified. The Red Cross was standing by.


They broadcast this live on AFRTF radio and TV and every kid on The Rock was going nuts because "they are going to shoot down Santa Claus".


Disaster was always averted when the first planes got a visual verification of a jolly old fat man and his reindeer waving and yelling "Merry Christmas" and were escorting him in.

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