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Two different sweeps in the same stage? Good idea or bad?

Charlie MacNeil, SASS #48580

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Thanks, folks. I've got a couple of stages written up so far, along with variations on the theme so I can change things up without having to change the whole world. I'm looking forward to this spring.


Re. shooters' opinions: I've been thinking about ways to get opinions on the stages without starting a dogfight...

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KK as a Dbl duelist and Frontiersman I do not have to holster the EMPTY gun before I draw the next one. So bottom line one gun is empty at my side while I shoot the other one. Then holster both except when you are told to holster after firing first gun. Sorry I didn't make that clear.


Caution with the empty at side, be sure muzzle is safe and not drifting to an angle to rear. I like to bring empty or hand holding empty, back aganist holster but not necessarily trying to get revolver in holster (because, as you mention, we do not have to, and it often proves handy especially when revolvers are last).. bb

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Guest Cinch, SASS#29433



Just write'em and shoot'em!!


I think that we come to see who is the best shooter that day or match, and not to see who can negotiate the simplest stages the quickest. We shot a stage yesterday that went like this for both guns;




Now with the rifle this is two L to R sweeps and one shot each on the center to targets to finish. With the revolvers it is one L to R sweep and back to 1, change guns and then shoot 2,3,4,2,3


So... same four targets and three different engagements. So much for keeping the sequences the same ;)


The deal with giving lefties the choice to shoot it from the other end isn't really a big deal to me at this point. After ROing, spotting, and watching 12 shooters shoot a stage L to R it isn't a real advantage for me to step up and shoot it the wrong direction...


Good Luck!!

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+ 1 Widder


....have been writing stages for only a couple years here in Rockford, and try to keep it simple and enjoyable. A twist once in a while keeps folks thinkin' a bit, but it can be overdone very easily. Paying attention to the number of P's on a stage has taught us a few lessons on what NOT to do. I think a stage should be written remembering that the contest is NOT between the stage writer and the shooter, but between the shooters.



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:o sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this post ..forgot I put my 2 cents in L.O L

me yep Im a gamer .cant help it .love this sport I shoot duelist, always have and shoot a pair of rems 1875 out laws in 45 so my game is

not all that fast <_< and the fast guys are going to be fast no matter what you come up with and im ok with that, Im just saying that one of the clubs that I shoot with started to change how the sweeps were being done and it was at the request of some of the faster shooters. it was also done to help out some of the older ones as well :)



for me. bring it on im there for the fun ..... :excl:





its not about how fast you go,

its about how good you look going fast. :D

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