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Original Ruger Vaquero's

Rance - SASS # 54090

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OK... Original Vaquero's 357 (shoot 38's of course)

I use Federal and Winchester primers...

I have Wolf Springs now for the hammers... lightest they have was 17's


Wonderin'.. <_<

Can I cut off a coil or some coils to make them even lighter and still have a

confident hammer strike to set off the primers..


Anybody done this??


Rance ;)

Thinkin' the older we get.. :blush:

The easier we want things ta work :)


Thanks :)

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Problem with lighter springs is there's a point of diminishing return. As springs wear they get 'lighter'. Too light and no-go-bang-bang. Lighter springs will have greater 'lock time' meaning, it takes the hammer MORE TIME to fall than with heavier springs. In that time, you have more OPPORTUNITY for the gun to move and groups get...bigger. At CAS distances it ain't much but its there. Unless you're gonig to take the time to tune the rest of the innards, lightening the hammer spring is but one part of it. Any number of parts, hammer for instance, if it drags, that light spring that works in yer buddie's gun might not work in yours. If memory serves, the lightest I ever heard of in an OMV was 15lbs but this was in a tuned gun. You can only shorten the spring so much. You don't want the spring running out of length when the hammer is fully down.

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