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Castle AFB, California

Subdeacon Joe

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The thread about the Boneyard got me thinking.


Castle AFB


Make sure you are in the satellite, or birds eye, view. Look for the hospital near the junction of Santa Fe and Hospital Road. You can zoom in fairly well. Nice little museum of aircraft.


ADDED: if you drop the little street view man on Santa Fe, you can get a ground view of a goodly part of it, and even zoom in from there.


ADDED II: Hey! You can even drop in some places on the path through the planes!

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Guest Two Fingers Slim

Hey Subdeacon,

My father was station there in the 50's then again when we came back from Spain in 1963. I know this base well, my father was in POL, that would be fuels. I remember one time when I was at the section they lock down the base, an SR 71 had come in and they put it in a hanger right a way and a few hours later rolled it back out, then sent a KC 135 to orbit the base then, and then the SR 71 took off, what a sight!!! I was about 16 or 17 then, this is some thing I won't ever forget seeing.



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Neat place, Joe! Been to the museum a bunch of times!


If you zoom in to just northwest of the intersection of Santa Fe Drive and Airdrome Entry, you'll see an actual, honest-to-God SR-71 parked by the parking lot!


Usually, once a year the museum will have "Open Cockpit Day," when you can get a peek inside most of the planes and actually climb inside a bunch of 'em. This year it's Sunday, May 26 - Memorial Day Weekend, I believe...


I took a bunch of young Boy Scouts there once, excitedly anticipating getting to look inside the Blackbird. Sure 'nuff, there was a long ramp leading up to the open cockpit. It was quite cool... and I still wonder what that big hole in the instrument panel was all about... :rolleyes:

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