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Now THOSE are Firetrucks!

Subdeacon Joe

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A chemical factory in Minnesota had a big fire one night. The fire companies from all the nearby cities and towns couldn't extinguish the flames.


Watching the inferno approaching the office portion of the factory where all the secret formulas were stored, the chairman of the board offered an award of $50,000 dollars to save the offices.


A Norwegian fire department from the little town of Hawley offered to come up and put out the fire. As they came roaring up the highway, they turned off the road toward the factory....not only up to the flaming installation, but right INTO it! The Norski firemen jumped off the fire truck and began to frantically thrash at the fire with their jackets, extinguishers, and little hoses. Miraculously, they put out the fire!


As the executive reacted with amazement, he led an exhausted Ole, the fire chief, into his office where he made out the check for $50,000 dollars. "Congratulations, Ole. What do you intend to do with the money?" he asked.


Ole replied, "Vell, first of all ve vill haff to get da brakes fixed on our old fire truck!" ^_^

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Dammit, Hardpan! Coffee through the nose HURTS!



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