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New lead-ban push

Chief Rick

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I recall years back "they" said bald eagle eggs were breaking at the rate of 10 - 15% per clutch due to DDT. So they banned it. Now several million people a year die of malaria because you can't use DDT to kill mosquitoes. By the way, the eagle eggs are still breaking in the nest at the rate of 10 - 15% per clutch.


Prediction: no action by the EPA until after November.

If they try anything it would all splash back on to BHO for appointing the commissars at EPA and easily cost him the vote of every gun owner in the country.

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Good grief...


From the article:

Environmental groups say 20 million birds die worldwide each year from eating bits of lead in animal carcasses, because many US hunters use lead ammunition which leaves 3,000 tons of toxic fragments in gut piles and unclaimed kills.


The Peregrine Fund, a nonprofit group in Idaho, has posted online a host of peer-reviewed studies on the effects of lead on wildlife, with some figures showing as many as 10-15 percent of young eagles die each year from lead poisoning...


One study by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources showed how a lead ballistic tip bullet could fragment into an average of 141 pieces per carcass*, reaching as far as 14 inches from the wound (35 cm), indicating a danger for humans who eat meat killed with lead bullets, too.


Must not be using Hornady bullets! Or Winchester, or Remington, or Federal, or... or... :wacko:


Sure sounds like fuzzy math to me... <_<


Then one reader provided the following:


3,000 tons of toxic fragments in gut piles and unclaimed kills." 3000 tons 2000lbs in a ton = 6,000,000lbs


7000 grains in a pound = 42,000,000,000 grains


Divide by 150gr (an average bullet weight for med to large game) = 280,000,000 bullets or gut piles.


That's assuming no exit wounds no bullets recovered by hunters. Many hunter try to use bullets that will give a good exit wound and blood trail. Many when possible recover the bullet as a trophy or out of ballistic curiosity.


Must be some mighty successful hunters out there!! :rolleyes:

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