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I talked to the nice lady at VTI gun parts yesterday and ordered some parts. My pard has a New Dakota SA and the hand spring is in the left screw holding the grip frame on the gun. This has been changed some time ago. She knew exactly what I was talking about and even though Uberti doesn't make the spring and plunger she has a gunsmith that makes them for her. I've talked to a guy there before and he is well versed as well.

I just want to give a "cowboy salute" to VTI for being a great source for parts for all the Italian clones and Colts also. Rye ;)

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When I bought my Uberti 73 a short while back, I decided to purchase a few common wear/consumable parts and some of their hard screws to replace the OEM softies found in the stock rifle. I had forgotten a couple of screws on my first order and called back to add the screws I had forgotten. The first order had already been shipped and VTI graciously offered to waive the shipping charges for the second order since the orders were only a day apart.


Great screws, Great parts inventory, Great customer service, Great company.


Thanks for being there VTI. Feels good to work with companies such as yours.

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I talked to the nice lady at VTI gun parts yesterday and ordered some parts

Rye, that lady is Lisa and she owns VTI which she bought from Mrs Uberti before she sold the US parts business. Lisa is still very close to Mrs Uberti and even was invited to Italy to attend the daughter's wedding.


The only words to describe Lisa is - a Super very knowledgeable lady who provides excellent service and will go out of her way to help us folks

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