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Need a primer on cartridge work definitions...


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I am determined to do this at home... I am attemptig to turn a modern cartridge case into an obsolete cartridge case...

the instructions say to start with a .44 Special Case, then:

1... to swage the head to .437-.440" diameter, (In this statements, does swage simply mean to flare the mouth of the case, or to use heat while inn this process?

2... trim to length of 1.140-1.157" (If I trim from the orignal .437-.440, it won't be that when I get through trimming!

3... Turn rim down to .489-.500 diameter (This seems to speak for itself.) mini-lathe!



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Good questions! Swage, at least as I understand the word, is a press of a die; no heat required, in-so-far-as I understand it, i.e. flare the cartridge mouth. I suspect whether or not you will have the correct diameter after trimming would depend upon how deep you flared the mouth. Might be that you would trim to the correct length, then swage and check. The trim of the case rim is straight forward, methinks.


Good luck.


STL Suomi

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The case "head" is the base of the case. To "swage" means to run it into a die to reduce the size to specifications. You would be ruducing the case head from .456" down to .437-.440" (that is quiet a bit)


The case "length", I think is understood.


The "rim" is the part at the head of the case, the place that the extractor catches the shell case. In this instance the rim is to be turned from .514" down to .489-.500"


If you let us know what you are making, someone who had done it will probably come up with some help.


Hope this helps,


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