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Latest tally for the Chapel UPDATE! $28,551.23 !

Long Jim Hancock

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Just got the figures from 'Mo' Lasses for the latest total raised through the three current fundraising raffles for the Chapel Project....


B) Drum roll pa-leeze.....:

Here's an UPDATED three month Breakdown including the LATEST numbers WOW!


b]$ 25,534.85 for April 2011



$ 26,976.23 for May 2011



$ 26,976.23 as of June 1st 2011

+ 408.00 added for Cree Vicar Dave’s latest fundraising efforts


$ 27024.23 total June 7th


$28,551.23 as of Tuesday June 14th !! :FlagAm: [/b]


A GREAT BIG Western THANK YOU to everyone who's donated and purchased tickets, to those vendors, sponsors and friends who've donated all of the WONDERFUL prizes and those who've taken on additional fundraising at their own clubs and supported this effort!


The "Just the Guns" raffle featuring Deadwood Stan of Chiappa's, donation of a "Plinkerton" pistol, Alchemista of Pietta's "Le Mat" revolver donation, Billy Boots' Frank "Texas Jack" Leahman 1849 Uberti Wells Fargo cartridge conversion pistol,Redwings'Stainless 1873 rifle, has been "sweetened" by Mark Lang of Ruger's surprise donation of their brand new SR 1911 .45 acp! The Ruger will be engraved with "Lest We Forget" and "SASS Cowboy Memorial Chapel " by their fantastic factory engravers.


So get on over to the SASS Home Page, and click on the "SASS Charites and "Cowboy Chapel linksat the bottom, to go to the Raffle page to purchase tickets for all three current raffles. The SASS LIFE MEMBER Gold Badge #90000 raffle is quickly closing out, and the winner will be drawn when the last ticket of the 500 offered are sold. (MAYBE AT EOT!) The "All The Goods II" and "Just The Guns" raffles will be drawn this december at the SASS Convention in Las Vegas.


Thanks again everyone for your donations and support! :FlagAm:


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Very Cool!

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Do we have a tally on how many of the 500 tickets have been sold for the Gold 90,000 badge?


I know it's getting CLOSE to the 500, and I've asked 'MO' to reply to this thread with a tally.

Thanks for the question, and you're not alone, I've been asked and although I know approximately, I don't know exactly. ;)

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Long Jim, Thanks for the reply. CLOSE is good enough. I just want to get started picking out a new watch and chain to go with my new gold 90,000 badge.





'Mo" said: "About 220 sold, so about 280 to go!" B)

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Though the logistics of it might be tough, I think it would be cool for clubs to buy a ticket or two to give as door prizes or awards to young shooters at their annuals.

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It looks like donations for the raffle continue to be sent.

Gladdens my heart to see the response on this most worthy effort!

Will there be a complete list of donations posted?

The more goodies we see available, the more tickets we'll be inclined to purchase!

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