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There is a test you can do to determine if you have Damascus or twist barrels or solid barrels. You sandpaper away the finish in a small patch of the barrel in an inconspicuous area (the undeside of the breech, for example). Then apply a little acid, using appropriate precautions- eye protection, gloves, et c. This should show up any pattern in the metal due to the layering. If no pattern, it's a solid steel barrel.

Oddly, this test was originally designed to determine if a barrel was a "painted" solid steel barrel being fraudulently passed off as a "superior" (as they then believed) Damascus barrel.

This sandpapering shouldn't adversely affect the value of the gun, as it was originally an El Cheapo, mass-market grade of gun in the first place, the sort of thing Farmer Brown would keep in the barn to kill foxes in the henhouse.

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Cresent Gun Co. made several guns for different people. During that time period a hardware store would have Cresent make the gun and put the name of the store on the barrel. They were your basic plain vanilla type of gun but very capable of doing the intended job.

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