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Winter Range

Jackaroo, # 29989

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This is just a huge thank you to the Arizona Territorial Company of Range Riders and all their helpers,for putting on the best cowboy match I have ever been too. :rolleyes:

The organisation was absolutely fantastic, the stages were great and everything, but everything ran on time or ahead.

I know our posse (19) ran slightly ahead of schedule.


I'm sure I can speak for all 8 Aussies that were there, (myself, Kathouse Kelli, Constable Nelson, Rooster Cockburn, Jose Nino, Virgil & Alvira Earp, & Ms Clancy) we all had a ball, and offer our sincere thanks to all involved. A truly fantastic event.


I'd also like to personally thank the Col. & Pea Patch for putting up with all our 'goodies'

filling up their home!!! :unsure:


We will endeavour to encourage others here back home to take the time to go to Winter Range, and really experience a great event.

I really didn't want to go home!!!


Many thanks to you all, and all the other cowboys & cowgals we met during our short stay,...also a big thank to those in Tombstone for a great weekend before WR.


We are looking forward to seeing y'all again soon.



Jackaroo & Kathouse Kelli.

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I agree that it was a fantastic match. I believe I had more fun than the law allows.

As a member of posse 19, I can say that I really enjoyed shooting with all the Aussies and hope to get the opportunity to shoot with y'all again. You folks from 'down under' really know your stuff. Constable Nelson was a great Posse Marshall.

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Hey Jackaroo. Rattlesnake and I really enjoyed spending time with you and Kathouse in Tombstone and then again at Winter Range. We look forward to seeing and shooting with y'all again. I hope you had a pleasant trip home!


Colt Faro

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Jackaroo, I don't see your name in the results, what catagory did you shoot??



Hi Jack,

I shot Senior mate, finished 97th overall, but 12th in Category.

Stage 7 killed me.

I was "clean" with a 'failure to engage" heh heh! Threw a rifle round out & Forgot to put some in my belt as it was the nervous first stage, and then was fiddling to get 'em out of my loop behind me. :angry:

Eventually put it down but cost the equvalent of 3 misses????

Any way clean from then on and had tremendous fun.

Sorry you weren't there.


Thanks King Snake for your kind comments, it was a great posse, hope to catch up with y'all some day again.

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