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  1. He loved shooting those 7.5” octagon barrel Vaqueros at this match you built for me a couple years ago! It was great seeing you as always.
  2. In response to your post, the shooter you are referring to is my son, Matt Black. The fact of the matter is during the stage in which the three misses occurred, he abruptly experienced dizziness. He completed the stage and unloaded his firearms. When he got to the cart, I was there, and he said he didn’t feel right. He was lightheaded and pale in complexion. We walked back to my truck together, where he could get a much needed drink of water. I retrieved his belongings from the stage and returned to the vehicle. At that time, I could see his condition had become worse, so I rushed him to the emergency room. They treated him for extreme dehydration and administered an IV. He was there into the evening under observation. A shooting match is in no way as important as my son's health, and I was the one who took him from the game. Joe Lafives, I appreciate your integrity and your well wishes for Matt Black. He is doing better physically yet emotionally, not as much. He feels he has let people down by not finishing the match. I assured him he didn’t let me down and his faithful friends would understand. Initially, he was embarrassed that he had a medical issue on the range; However, Matt didn’t want it to look like he just quit because that’s not what happened. As proud as I am of my son for the shooter he is, I am even more proud of the person he is on and off the range. For people to jump to conclusions without asking what happened shows lack of character and is certainly not my idea of the cowboy way. Aside from that, we are both happy for Deadeye Dillard as he is a good friend of ours and a grand champion! While I didn’t shoot the match myself, Matt Black thought the match was fantastic. He couldn’t have been happier with his posse, and enjoyed the stages of the match he was able to shoot despite what happened on day 3.
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