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Big Six Henderson #16594

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Kentucky Shooters did very well at Winter Range:

Black Tom 1st in Wrangler, and 4th overall.

Short Fuse Ruby 6th in Ladies Wrangler

Vaquero Jake 2nd in Buckaroos

Shaddai Vaquero 6th in Duelist

Big Six Henderson 7th in Classic Cowboy

Cimarron Lil 17th in Ladies Silver Senior.

I apologize if I got it wrong.


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HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imma doptid membur o tha hillbillee nashun!!!!!!!!! Sides lately I dunt reckun I nose wharz Ize be frum.....


GUD SEEUN LIL,, an u tu Six, awlways a pleasure....



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I wish Campo Kid had been there with you Big 6!


Hey, me too. ;)


And a big congrats to the winners!

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Yea, Beeg 6 dun poked his hed out, but dang iffn he dunt luk like a critter wit thet mess on hiz face. :rolleyes:


Ize be a plannen on hittun Hooten on tha way home....thins wud hav to be reel bad fer me tu miss et. ;)



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Sgt. you missed a great shoot. I'm still fighting the '87, maybe you can give me lessons?


CC, Hooten wouldn't be the same without you..


Why sure....when I get done givin' ya all the secrets, your times should be in the mid 40's. ;)


Send me your shoot schedule you've planned for the year so we can get posse'd up somewhere.

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