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This guy runs a stop sign and gets pulled over.

The he gives the cop his drivers license, proof of insurance and registration.

The cop sees he has a concealed carry permit when he's fishing for his license and ask "Are you carrying today?"

The guy says "yes"

The cop says, "well you better tell me what you got"

The guy says "I've got a .357 revolver in my right coat pocket, a 9mm semi auto in the glove box and a .22 mag derringer in my right boot"

The cops says "is that all?"

The guy says, "nope, there's an AR15 and shotgun in the trunk"

The cops asks "are you coming or going to a gun range?"

The guy says "nope"

The copy asks "what are you afraid of?"

The guy says "nothing!"

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SPEW ALERT! You should have given us a 'spew alert'.



Thats a gudern


True story:

A couple years back, my dad commented to me that if I didn't quit shootin off my back deck, some neighbor would know that I got guns and would steal them from me.


I commented: I think the neighbors know better than to try and break in on me now.





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