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.32 H&R Magnum primer issue

Judson T. Oakley

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I am loading .32 H&R Magnum's for my Ruger and using Winchester small primers. When I fire the primers they mushroom just enough to not be flat to the cartridge and hang up the cylinder. Any ideas on this problem? I am using new Starline nickel plated brass.

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What kind of powder (smokeless or black) are you using and what's the charge? Sounds like a very light charge and the primer is backing out.
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The quick info on process. All primers back out when fired. The pressure build up in the case by the bullet pushing back resets the primer flash withe case base. The quest for less recoil leads to primer not being reset during recoil.


Sever items contribute to primers backing out and staying out.

Not enough powder

Not enough bullet mass (weight)

Not enough bullet pull (crimp)

Any and all combination of these items.

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I am actually just firing the primers with an empty cartridge (dry) to just test them out. I was just seating the primer and then dropping them in my pistol to check out these pistols as I just purchased them.


If you want to do that or shoot wax bullets, you'll have to enlarge the flash holes. I believe it is a 7/64th drill bit. I have done this to some .38 brass so I can

shoot wax bullets. I can practice in my back yard shooting wax bullets with just the primer. Fun and economical.

Halfmoon Hobo

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I think I can agree with the above posts...


When my regular 357 calibur Vaqueros were new.. I shot some factory Winchester Cowboy Bullets... Factory loads..

I had one pistol that would lock up...

I was new... Better cowboys than me looked it over.. "high primers they said"... "Nope.. factory loads.."

One cowboy that was (as I found out later) an excellent gunsmith.. looked at it and gave me this info..


"Looks like your firing pin is hitting so hard that it is mushrooming the primer and locking it up."

I took it back to the gunshop I purchased it at with the cases that were locking it up..

told him what I was told that might be the problem.... He took just a hair off the firing pin...

Never had the problem since...

Just another thought only..

Shooting empty cases, with primers only makes more since to me also...


Rance :rolleyes:

thinkin' just somethin' else to think about :blink:

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