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  1. "I hate rude behavior." Lonesome Dove is a movie I pull out and watch once a year.
  2. I've been loading 100 gr. rnfp bullets for the wife, but wondered about 78 gr. rn bullets suppliers offer. Do you have a preference? Is there a noticeable difference in recoil? The 100 gr. bullets work great on knockdowns; do the lighter bullets do well or do you keep "heavies" around for those? Currently using 1.8 gr. of Bullseye. Suggested load for 78 gr. bullet?
  3. I wore Levi's in H.S. when they were affordable. My folks were on the lower end of the economic scale. You couldn't give me them now. I wear Wranglers and various brands sold at Costco.
  4. I just started unsubscribing to them since they started the avalanche a few weeks ago. Be careful of some of the forms used for donations, if you aren't careful, you may be signing up for RECURRING payments instead of a one time donation.
  5. To clarify, it's range lead where jacketed ammo is not allowed. There is a lot of dirt stuck to some of it, so I wondered about the dirt. I'm not sure about the eventual hardness of the end result, but it's all cowboy lead so I'm not worried about zinc contamination.
  6. Do you wash your scrounged lead before you melt it or do you just melt it down and scoop off the top crap? I'm wondering about the more efficient way to recycle it. Do you make ingots first or just clean it up in one step? Thanks in advance.
  7. $39.99 minus 5% for veteran's discount. Too bad you can't get pistol primers at that price....................................
  8. I went to the Tucson SW to pick up a Ruger Max-9 @ $100 off and also found Cheddite shotgun primers in stock. I never tried them, but with quantities running low I picked up a 1K. I could have bought 2 boxes, but I bought some 9mm ammo instead. Now if they would just get some small pistol primers......
  9. My niece had me fact check her latest novel regarding firearms. I would assume anyone ignorant of any topic they put in their efforts would have someone check their work whether it's a book, movie or article.
  10. I don't shoot BP, but saw this article in the American Rifleman today. This was the last BP plant in the US. https://www.americanrifleman.org/content/hodgdon-closes-goex-blackpowder-plant/ Whoops! I saw the previous post after posting this. I evidently didn't scroll down far enough.
  11. They call it "practicing medicine" because they don't have it down pat yet.
  12. It's one of my favorites. Yeah, I counted the shots in the gunfight and it got ridiculous. But then, it is highly entertaining if you suspend belief here and there. Costner wasn't very good with his rifle, but then shoots the bad guy's toe/foot. I enjoyed Duvall blasting the guy outside the building and he bounces off an opposing building. Whoo-hoo! One of my favorite scenes is when the townsfolk are chasing a bad guy until he falls down and then gets shot with a shotgun. Hurray! Many more memorable scenes in this and it gets watched on a regular basis.
  13. The wife shoots .32s because they're lighter than .38s and smaller in size. They're too small for me.
  14. The socket isn't a gauge, it is a poor man's sizer as noted above. You stick the crimp end in and twist just like you do the $50 gadget. I never said you could shove the shell all the way in. I may have also neglected to say you want to use a 12 point one instead of a 6, but the fact remains the socket does shrink the crimp end. As good as the sizer/checker, maybe not but it does work in a pinch.
  15. Too Tall Bob told me to use a 3/4" deep socket after I ordered the Slix Spring sizer. It too seemed to work and could be used as a poor man's sizer.
  16. If you want to get shocked, go into a dealer and look at truck prices.
  17. "We celebrated year 41 together last March." I didn't know racoons lived so long.
  18. From what I understand, you can tame one until it grows up.
  19. I was going to suggest a S&W Shield in .45 acp until I saw you didn't like plastic guns or S&W. Your choice of 6 or 7 +1 and with or without a manual safety. I find it is softer shooting than a 1911. Soooooooo.......... nevermind.
  20. I love stroganoff. I used some elk tenderloin instead of beef once and it was wonderful.
  21. I would prefer Remington hulls, but I have a quantity of AA's so that is what I use. Load them until they split at the folds. They also work better if you use a 3/4" deep socket or a checker/sizer tool to work the crimp end. My wife was having issues with some shells not feeding, but after using the sizer/checker she is having a more pleasant time.
  22. I'll wait until I can see it for free.
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