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  1. Way to go! See you and that scalawag soon.
  2. Good job. I still have that floppy rig if you ever need to borrow it again.
  3. That would be wrong. Who would do such a thing? Who would start someone in a faulted position?
  4. Red longhandles work well. Allow a piece of tp to float out the trap door.
  5. The good news is that there is little traffic on it, so not much is missed. There is some good info on it, I've used it myself. It'll get there at some point.
  6. I just checked online and SPP a minimum of $75 or so for 1K. They are having a sale on Cheddite primers for $88, but for 1500, not 1000. Reclaimed shot for $52 or so. LPP are available, but more expensive. I just ordered SPP, Cheddites and powder, but I thought I might check them out. Haven't heard of Bruno's before.
  7. Great stages and targets. Kudos to Bob and Johnny once again. Thanks to all the out of area shooters for coming out and playing in our backyard. We're glad to have you anytime. Nothing beats good shooting, good people and having a good time.
  8. Irish Pat, I responded to you. Text me if you have any questions. I did receive another offer, but you have first dibs if you want it. Go West
  9. Dillon Square Deal .45 ACP. Will take to Tumbleweeds shoot this Friday or Saturday in Tombstone. Can deliver to EOT on Wednesday if need be. Comes with Dillon blue cover and box of parts/spares. Cash. No shipping. $300
  10. Time to buy another 8 pounder. Currently use Titegroup, but open to others. I would like to be able to load most/all of my handgun cartridges. Mostly reload .32 mag., .38 Special, .45 Schofield, .45 ACP and .45 Colt. Do some .380 ACP and 9 mm. Lower cost appreciated.
  11. I replaced my indexer two years ago. I've gone through most of the parts in my parts kit and should order another. I miss being a short drive from their store.
  12. What you describe is a warranty issue. What does Taurus say? I would guess you have insufficient clearance for the rim (max .06").
  13. My wife has a .38 Special AWA that she loves. It does develop issues over time, but Lassiter gets it back into shape. It probably needs some massaging every 5 years or so. Yes, she slam fires.
  14. Sass Alias: Go West & Aim Me West SASS #- 43710 & 44806 Location- Arizona Territory How Long CAS Shooting- since 2002 SASS folks are the best. See ya on the trail!
  15. Hi Roger, would you send the booklet to me as a message or the email link below? Thanks j.schorman@outlook.com
  16. '92 carbines are the movie and TV guns, which is what aroused my interest. Although some guns may be finicky with ammo, it is usually the .38/.357 that is most finicky. My .45 will chamber empty brass and is not picky about 180, 200, 240 or 250 gr bullets. Congrats on your purchase.
  17. My hearing loss is primarily in the upper register, a range often used by women's voices. That means I have an excuse when I can't hear the wife. Many insurance companies pay some up through all of the cost, depending. A good audiologist will be experienced in submitting claims since few rely on cash customers.
  18. After a hearing test with an audiologist, I went with Oticon. First it was one ear, then I added the other a few years later. They are adjustable with Bluetooth. I hear pretty well with only a few sound sources, but noisy environs like restaurants, etc. are pretty bad. Some of the things I think I hear from the TV are pretty comical, like "reptile dysfunction." At matches, I pull one earplug out to hear instructions and conversations. They were spendy for the insurance company, but no cost to me.
  19. Hey Star, are we gonna see ya at Bordertown?

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