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  1. Upgraded to a 6" Mitutoyo Dial Caliper, have never regretted it.
  2. I load smokeless shell on a Dillon 900SL and black powder on a MEC Grabber. They both work well and make high quality shells once adjusted. I like each one for different reasons. I still case gauge every hull loaded to cull the out-of-spec shells. The Dillon takes a bit more knowledge to adjust correctly, but once adjusted it is faster by far with the automatic hull feeder. It makes really nice crimps and produces high quality reloads. Since the MEC is not auto advance or auto hull feed it is easier to setup and does not have as big of crashes when there is a problem. Believe me, you will encounter minor problems that cause machine crashes with any press, its the nature of the beast. The MEC also makes nice crimps and high quality shells. YMMV
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