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  1. South Dakota is doing big recruitment but , dont want the blue state refugees here
  2. About time The nation’s oldest gun-maker recently announced plans to shutter the factory in the company’s original home early next month, citing the steep cost of running the historic plant. Remington is consolidating its operations in Georgia, a state the company says is friendlier to the firearms industry. https://apnews.com/article/new-york-remington-gun-factory-closure-997f6312364f005e295202dc38c005a3
  3. I realize we haven’t given the Space Farce much attention we need to do better
  4. Afghan National Army , Tried enlarging photo but to blurry to make out ??
  5. Second look at that that a TERP or ANA so yep he is going for cover
  6. It's not 130 , I am not wearing 80 pounds of gear and there is .001 percent chance of me being blown up with a IED or VBED today .
  7. Sig or FN Both supply Mil now and well well made. Of course on the M60 replacement typical Military BS whish is a story of its own. I like My Sig and FN's always had good service from both , I will say my only thing I dislike is on my FN is the damn front sight on my FN502 they went with a cheap none standard cut composite sight . well It moves so I went optic and need to do something to fix the front sight
  8. Only Fired the M9 once on a range , once in used Sigs . The M9 was a downtime play toy How fast can you clear, unload , disassemble , reassemble, function check and load a M9 , had it down to under 30 seconds
  9. Probably Jumping back to behind the wall
  10. Jap Bunkers Suribachi Sunset Jack lucas Seated with hat , CMC AND SgtMjrMC Standing CPl Gene Gustad and some guy Wreath Laying with Jack Lucas
  11. Been on that beach With Jack Lucas (MOH) and another Iwo Vet Cpl Gene Gustad , sent @Forty Rod SASS 3935 some of the sand we picked up that day. When investigating caves found a old Bayonet , We couldn't leave with that .
  12. Just remembered the United States has one of a few air to air kills when it shot down itself for the couch dweller fact checkers 21 Sept 1956
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